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Beautiful Places to Visit in Patagonia with a Transporte Individual

Patagonia is a beautiful region that covers parts of southern Argentina and Chile. Many visitors travel to this area every year to take in its beauty. You may have heard about places such as Cerro Fitz Roy or Cerro Torro, but do you know about other parts of Patagonia? Some places are easy to get to using transporte publico de pasajeros, while others are more easily accessible with transporte individual. Read more about three beautiful places that you should visit in Patagonia and start planning your next trip to South America.

El Chalten

El Chalten is a little mountain town in Argentina and is the perfect base for a three to four-day trip to this area. From El Calafate it is a 3 hour drive and offers a wide range of outdoor activities, including a visit to Viedma glacier, which many a times is less busy compared to other, more popular glaciers. Get a group together for a transporte publico de pasajeros.

If you visit this area, you can choose from white-water rafting, mountain trekking, or hiking. One option for those looking for a unique challenge is a four-day trek through the Huemul circuit, which brings visitors to Viedma Lake for gorgeous views.

Chubut Province

If you are looking for marine and wildlife, travel to Chubut Province. This area includes beach towns and nature preserves along the water, where you are sure to get a glimpse of wildlife in their natural habitat. Check out the seals and penguins in Punta Tombo, or lounge in the sand at Puerto Madyrn.

For more wildlife watching, spend time in Bahia Bustamante. Here you can go into the water to see whales or try out your bird-watching skills by viewing penguins and other species.

Torres del Paine

Those looking for a silent, private trip with breathtaking views should head to Torres del Paine in Chile. You can take transporte individual to this area for a great three-night stay. While here, choose from the many guided hikes covering difficulty levels from easy, intermediate and to expert. Some hikes include horseback riding. While in town, try some amazing cuisine at any of the restaurants, or relax at the spa.

Torres del Paine is also great for those on a budget. The W trek circuit has several options, from five to nine days, and includes overnights in eco-domes or tents. This is a popular trek, so you will meet many travelers on the trail.

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